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Brine Paramount Pocket Stringing Manual

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Brine Paramount Pocket Stringing Manual
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Brine Paramount Pocket Stringing Manual

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  • Brine Paramount Pocket Stringing Manual

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This tutorial is designed to teach you the basics of stringing a
paramount pocket into a womens lacrosse head. At first, the
thought of stringing up your own stick may be intimidating but by
closely following this manual and taking your time you will learn
to string the perfect stick time and time again. The more sticks
you string, the better you will become and eventually you will be
able to string heads without even referencing these instructions!
Knowing how to string and maintain your own stick is an important
skill to ensure that you are playing with a stick that will best suit
your needs and these step-by-step instructions are designed to
give you those skills.

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